Hello World -- Meet Drover Rideshare

Who We Are

Drover is an exciting rideshare startup based in Middle Tennessee. When we launch in late 2016 / early 2017, we look forward to providing service in Cookeville and Franklin, TN -- with Nashville to follow soon after. As a company, we define ourselves by our unique care for and attention to the environment coupled with our unprecedented focus on the safety and happiness of our drivers and riders. Our dedication to these fronts is unparalleled in the current rideshare industry. Our ultimate goal is to change this; we want to make the rideshare industry more people-centric, and focused on providing a lifting experience to real human beings. 

Our mission is to provide an environmentally safe mode of travel to move the world one drove experience at a time. Our dream is to to create a fun, positive, and encouraging environment where people can travel seamlessly from one place to another in an eco-friendly manner to move the world. At Drover Rideshare, this dream becomes a reality! We want to serve as an eco-friendly rideshare in Nashville that offers safe rides. Finally, our vision is to deliver the real time moving of people with lower transport costs and fuel usage powered by green-technology. [Available on the Our Vision page]. 

5 Things you Need to Know about Drover

1) Drover is an eco-friendly company

Cars are the primary mode of land transport in America. However, traditional gasoline-powered vehicles have emission levels that are unsustainable to the long-term preservation of our environment. Though ridesharing in general reduces the number of cars on the road, thus taking a step in the right direction to reduce emissions, Drover takes environmentally friendly rideshare to a whole new level. 

At Drover, we celebrate environmentally friendly cars with low or zero emissions, such as hybrids and (preferably) electric cars. To this end, we are building a designated space in our ride-hailing platform for riders to request electric vehicles via Drover Green (4 passenger) and Drover Green Giant (6 passenger). [See all ride options on the Ride with Drover Page]. Additionally, we are working on offering discounted lease options to our Drovers (drivers) on top electric vehicles. 

2) We are a company marked by innovation

Drover is an innovative company driven by pushing an already disruptive industry to new heights. Rather than repackage a plethora of features already available in other platforms, we strive to deliver truly new and exciting ideas to our riders and Drovers (drivers). 

Consider, for example, our consistent promotions to riders. We want to reward loyalty to Drover. As such, consistent riders will receive consistent discounts on rides in-app on every fifth and 10th ride. For example, if Sarah hails 10 drovers, she will get her 11th ride free up to $20. 

As another example, take our unmatched Drover (driver) interview process. As a basic measure, every prospective driver will submit to a background test and a driving history report. After this, prospective drivers will meet in-person with a senior Drover in the area for a personal vehicle inspection. Assuming all these reports check out, the prospective Drover will be allowed to start accepting ride requests. At this point, however, Drover goes a step further. In one of the new driver's first rides (completely randomized), the new driver will be unknowingly matched with another senior driver -- kind of like an anonymous food critic in a restaurant. The senior driver will be a respectful and conversational passenger, and get an accurate an unbiased look at the new driver's driving habits, personality, and vehicle quality. We feel this is the best way to promote a safe, fun riding experience to our passengers, as well as our drivers that value their position as drivers at Drover! 

3) We are a growth company

Though we are still in our early stages, we are encouraged by the large number of energetic and qualified team members and volunteers we have coming on board with us every day! Moreover, the rideshare industry in general is still young, and we intend to be a part of this fast-growing and disruptive industry. 

4) We are a technology company

Drover prides itself on developing unique technology to provide the safest experience for our drivers and riders. Consider, for example, our GPS tracking system. Though this feature is still under development, our ultimate goal is to allow the app to lock onto the GPS location of both the rider and the driver to ensure that both phones are physically together during the duration of the ride. Then, perhaps 5 minutes after the conclusion of the ride, the Drover app will then compare the GPS location of both driver and rider to make sure there is a reasonable distance between them. If not, safety measures and potentially emergency response measures will be taken. 

5) We are a community-focused and charitable company

Though we hope to be nation-wide one day, we maintain specific attention and care for the individual communities we operate in. One of the ways in which we do this is through our 24/7 charitable giving campaign: Drover will donate 2% of every single ride fare (24/7) to Tennessee-based charities chosen by the Drover (driver) every month. A list of 20 local and Tennessee based charities will be sent out every month for the driver to choose from. Plus, the 2% will come from Drover's 20% split of every fare -- so all drivers will still get a full 80% split of fares. Consider it like a 80/18/2 split, where drivers get 80%, Drover gets 18%, and charities get 2%. [See the Drive For Drover page]


Thank you for reading this post -- the first ever Drover Blog post! Check back for frequent updates and new posts. We anticipate a new post at least every 5 days. Feel free to comment with your questions or thoughts as well.