The Connected Car

Here at Drover, we are enthusiastic about the idea of the connected car. Now, when we say the 'connected car', we don't mean Matrix-level connected, like "ahh, the machines!" connected... Instead, we mean getting your car connected to your phone so that you can have an integrated, safe, and fun driving experience.

Let's be real -- we all use our phones for something while we are in our cars, whether it be for music, a phone call, etc. However, we only have two hands (if you have a third, please contact us for an immediate job offer at Drover in our research and development sector). Every traffic safety program emphasized the importance of keeping both hands on the wheel at all times, and Drover fully supports this idea to the extent that it is reasonably possible. Yet, the second you need to hold your phone in your hand to change a song or take a call, you are down to one hand on the wheel.

In addition to safety, what about convenience? Have you ever been driving an unfamiliar route at night on low battery and had to choose between GPS and music in order to preserve that precious last 2% of battery? What about on a long drive and wanting to play music through your car speakers, but you don't have Bluetooth in your car? We've all been there -- the Drover connected car philosophy is here to help.

I can speak from first-hand experience to the fact that having an integrated and hands-free phone-driving experience is the way to go.
Through our DroverShop, we can supply you with all the essentials to getting your car connected (handsfree) with your smartphone.

Step 1: Get a Handsfree Phone Mount

Safely mount your phone to your dashboard for handsfree use. We stock three powerful magnetic phone mounts in our DroverShop for your convenience. Using a magnet can let you keep both your hands on the wheel throughout the drive but also enable you to see GPS directions at dashboard level. We have two magnets that affix to your air vents, which enable you to use the mounts without permanently sticking anything to your phone or car. Our third model is based off of an adhesive to both your car and phone (in case you have a really heavy phone or do not want to block air flow from the vents).

I have personally used all three of our phone mount models in my car; they are seriously strong, visually attractive, and feature a minimalistic design. In other words, they will safely and effectively hold your phone to your dashboard without looking clunky. I personally prefer the two air vent-mounted models because they do not require you to stick anything to your car or phone. See my Drover Phone Magnets blog post for extremely detailed pics and info about our phone magnets. 

Step 2: Get an AUX cord

Let your music flow. Don't have Bluetooth in your car? No problem, let's get your car fitted with one of our nearly 10ft long AUX cords that allow for direct connection between your car's audio system and your phone's headphone jack.

As you can see below, we have them available in a plethora of fun, spunky colors. Additionally, I  got a chance to use one of them in my grandma's Nissan Quest, and the cord comfortably reached from the aux input in the center media console all the way to the back row of seats, with at least 3 feet of cord length to spare! These aux cords are great for your car or for your home also! 

Step 3: Get an In-Car Phone Charger

Electricity. Make sure to plug your phone in to charge so that your en route music and GPS doesn't take away from your battery life. Charge your phone along the drive to ensure that you'll have enough battery to use your phone at point B, whether for safety, convenience, or entertainment. While we do not currently sell car phone chargers, we will soon be stocking a supercharger (4 amps I believe, whereas most chargers are 2.1 amps) that will plug into the cigarette lighter (the round, metal port in your car that might have a cap with "12v" written on it) in your car. Our soon-to-come supercharger will charge your phone much faster than traditional car chargers.

Got all the gear? Great! You're ready to go! Connect all of your super cool gadgets to your car and phone respectively, do some cord management to reclaim aesthetics and wham! You have yourself a connected car.

Fyi, purchasing an aux cord, phone charger, and phone mount from us at (as explained above) will not cost you more than roughly $35-45.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get your car connected today at the DroverShop.


Patrizio Murdocca is Chief Web Developer at Drover Rideshare, a student at Vanderbilt University, and President of Interfaced Ministries