Is Ridesharing Right for You? Part 2

Is Ridesharing Right for You?

Part 2: Are you a Driver?

I used to drive for Drover... way before I got paid to drive for Drover.  -- Patrizio Murdocca, or Anonymous (If you want to sue me, I mean, 'whoever' wrote that, for writing that)

This post is the follow-up or companion blog to my previous post: Is Ridesharing Right for You? Part 1: Are you a Rider?

Really fast video run through of diagram

In my previous post, we walked through a diagram I made to evaluate if you would make a good rideshare rider / if you would enjoy participating in rideshare as a rider. This post will follow a similar format, working through questions to help you decide if working as a rideshare driver is right for you. To illustrate this concept, I have once again attached my poorly drawn whiteboard diagram which I will annotate throughout this post. I will emphasize poorly drawn, and take this as an opportunity to advertise that we are actually really looking for a graphic design expert. Seriously. Contact us please. 

Preliminary Question

Do you need a ride? I am assuming that if you are here, your answer is no -- you have a car and are trying to evaluate whether or not being a rideshare driver is right for you. Well, you have come to the right place. Of, if you are just here reading (or lurking), do as you wish :P. 

Driver Question 1: 

Do you want to be a rideshare driver?

This question risks redundancy, however, I felt it needed to be said. Using your car to work as a rideshare driver for Drover or another service can be a great gig: flexible hours, good pay, meet new people, etc. However, it also comes with paying for gas for your car, mileage on your vehicle, and hours on the road just driving around. If you love driving, love your car, and love making some extra cash, then this could be perfect for you. If you are not a confident driver and the idea of having others in the car with you is intimidating, then you might want to consider if being a driver is in your own best interests. 

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 2:

Do you own (or lease) a car?

In order to driver for Drover or another rideshare service, you have to have a car in your name. You can't borrow your spouse's car or your parents' car. I had an Uber driver pull up once in his wife's Honda Pilot instead of the Toyota Avalon that Uber had him registered which... It took a lot of explaining on his end before I got in the car, and even then, I was uncomfortable. I was with a buddy of mine at the time, so I felt safer as a result, but still, don't be that driver. Moreover, to get approved in the first place, you will need a car registered to you, as that guy's Avalon he didn't bring was.

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 3:

Is your car year 2000 or newer?

Drover (and other rideshare services) require that your car is at least year 2000 or newer. This is to ensure a greater standard of safety and comfort to our riders. Newer cars typically have better A/C, more features, nicer interiors, and safer crash-testing. Though we can make exceptions for truly phenomenal older cars, we largely will only accept drivers with cars manufactured after 2000. 

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 4:

Do you like making money?

Not in a Scroogey way, but in general, do you like making money? If you are an ascetic monk, free from worldly possessions, the idea of making bank as a rideshare driver may not appeal to you. Mind you, I don't know how you would have a car in that case... So basically, if you own a car, then you must like making money, because cars basically eat money, despite how much I love them.

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 5:

Are you 21 years old or older?

By most states' law and country-wide insurance policies, all rideshare drivers need to be at least 21 years old. Also, just a reminder, you need to be completely sober and uninfluenced by substances any time you take another into your vehicle... especially when working as a rideshare driver. Anytime someone gets into your car while you are driving, you are taking responsibility for their safety on the road. 

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 6: 

Are you friendly/enjoy meeting new people?

As a rideshare driver, you will be accepting a lot of total strangers into your car. You will be representing yourself, and more directly, the Drover brand. So, when you accept rides, you are expected to be friendly, and genuine with your riders. Moreover, all drivers are expected to provide riders with water and mints. Furthermore, at Drover, to create a safe, friendly, fleet feeling, Drovers are required to wear the Drover t-shirt. These requirements are in place to help you achieve a natural level of professionalism, while also creating the safest, most comfortable experience for riders. So, if you consider yourself conversational and really enjoy meeting tons of new people, you'd be perfect as a rideshare driver. As a rider, I've had Uber/Lyft drivers that are consultants, musicians, teachers, business owners, etc. As a driver, you will have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life... but you're driving, so all drives of life. Or something like that. 

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 7:

Do you drive safely?

As I have said above, when you drive any car with others in it, you are taking their safety into your hands. There is already an air of uncertainty as a rider enters your car -- you, a complete stranger to them. They are trusting you; so, if you cannot drive safely on already dangerous roads from others' neglectful driving, how can you guarantee their safety? For this reason, to seriously consider being a rideshare driver, you need to make sure you are a confident, safe driver.

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 8:

Do you have a safe, hands free, "connected car"?

An important part of being a safe driver is having both hands on the wheel, and as much attention as physically possible, on the driving task. A "connected car" is essential to this. At Drover, we define a connected car as one where your phone is safely mounted to either an A/C vent or the dashboard, and audio (if necessary for music or nav) is linked to your car speakers via Bluetooth or an aux cable. Moreover, one in which your phone is charging, because you need a charged phone to use navigation/the Drover app. Now, if you don't have any of the aforementioned accessories and would like them, we have several models of phone mounts, aux cords, etc available for sale on our DroverShop online store

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 9:

Do you have a clean driving record and background check?

This is pretty self-explanatory, we are looking for drivers with clean background checks and driving records/vehicle histories. A speeding ticket won't disqualify you, however, a DUI, aggressive driving charges, etc are what we are screening for. With the background check, we are looking for no arrest records, felonies, etc. 

YES! :) continue downwards to the next question -- No :( :( :(


Driver Question 10:

Do you like working whenever and for however long you want?

We thought so! As a Drover driver (or driver for another rideshare), there are no set hours. You simply turn on driver mode in the app when you are up for some driving, and turn it off whenever you are ready to call it a day/night. You can also work *roughly* as long as you want. There are practical limitations, most apps will ask you to take a rest period after (I think) 18 hours of consecutive rides or something like that just to force you to get some rest (for your safety and that of your passengers). Driving for a rideshare like Drover can be anything from a part-time gig along your normal drive home from work or on weekends, or a full-time job if you work enough hours. Moreover, if you are a night owl, you can drive at night. You work the schedule you choose, subject to change by you, whenever you want. 

Yes? Awesome! You'd be perfect as a Drover driver!

To learn more about Driving for Drover, click here. 


Patrizio Murdocca is Chief Web Developer at Drover Rideshare, a student at Vanderbilt University, and President of Interfaced Ministries