Drover's Green Culture

Green Rideshare in Nashville

an Environmentally Friendly Culture

To us, Drover's green theme represents our attention and dedication to preserving the environment. We are an eco-friendly company! Our dream is to be Nashville's environmentally green rideshare solution.

Drivers are encouraged to have a green theme in their cars -- it promotes an inviting atmosphere.

A Culture of Caring and Respect

We want our Drover rides to feel as comfortable as being at home! Our drivers are professional, and required to wear proper clothes. We want our drivers and riders to feel safe and have fun!  Moreover, it is required for drivers to keep their cars clean.

A Culture of Comfort and Professionalism

Drivers are encouraged to open doors for riders at the beginning of the ride. During the ride, we expect the car to be a fun, friendly, uplifting environment.

Drivers are required to provide 8 oz water bottles for passengers as well as complimentary green mints. We feel these complimentary items will set the mood for a great ride!

Drover Cares about Tennessee Charities

Drover will donate 2% of every single ride fare (24/7) to Tennessee-based charities chosen by the Drover (driver) every month. A list of 20 local and Tennessee based charities will be sent out every month for the driver to choose from. Plus, the 2% will come from Drover's 20% split of every fare -- so all drivers will still get a full 80% split of fares. Consider it like a 80/18/2 split, where drivers get 80%, Drover gets 18%, and charities get 2%.