Ride With Drover

Safe Rides In Nashville

How it Works

Call your ride directly from your smartphone using the Drover app. Your Drover will arrive in minutes. In the meantime, get updates on your driver's route to pick you up and preview your route. Enjoy Drover Rideshare's safe rides in Nashville.

Pay for your rides directly from the payment method you registered on the app. No counting change, no awkward moments. No cash.


Ride options

Traditional Cars & Hybrids

  • Drover Quad - 4 passenger vehicle

  • Drover Crowd - 6 passenger vehicle

  • Drover Themed Ride - 4 passenger


Electric cars

  • Drover Green - 4 passenger electric

  • Drover Green Giant - 6 passenger electric

Fares & Fees

Same for every ride option:

  • $0.30 / minute

  • $1.00 / mile

Base Fares:

  • Drover Quad & Green - $ 1

  • Drover Crowd & Green Giant - $ 3

  • Drover Themed Ride - $7

Convenience Fee: $3.00


exciting features


We don't know about you, but we get a little anxious every time we see the little surge-lightning bolt on other rideshare apps! Ridesharing shouldn't feel like that... Drover is about Good Green Fun! No Surge. No Surprises.


Drover will include superior safety measures, because the safety of our riders and drivers is our top priority. 'Food critic' style anonymous inspections & GPS tracking to ensure proper drop-off.


With Drover, promotions aren't just for first-time riders. We want to thank consistent users with promotions on frequent rides. Something to the tune of 5th ride $5 off & 10th ride free up to $20.


We will feature a commute pairing program that connects riders that frequently travel the same route as drivers. That way, you have a consistent ride, and connect with the same driver.


At Drover Rideshare, we care about the environment. That's why we have built in a way for riders to specifically request electric vehicles. Electric cars are more eco-friendly than traditional cars, and incur half the maintenance costs of gas-powered cars. It is estimated that by 2040, 35% of vehicles will be electric. 

While you are having an awesome time Droving (riding in a Drover), you should consider going green with Drover Green and Drover Green Giant. 


DROVER and RIDER Ratings

Drover Ratings Measure

  • Safety

  • Navigation

  • Professionalism

  • Attitude & Friendliness

  • Cleanliness

At the end of each ride the driver & rider will both have the opportunity to rate their experience from 1 to 5 green stars. Comments per ride are optional for both the rider & driver but encouraged. At a rating of less than 2 green stars, feedback is required. 2 stars or less also guarantees the driver and rider will never be paired together again.

Additionally, riders will be given the ability to tip their Drovers (drivers) after a great ride! Feedback feature is available on every ride to ensure driver and rider quality assurance and safety.