About Drover

Eco-Friendly Rideshare in Nashville

Our Dream

To create a fun, positive, and encouraging environment where people can travel seamlessly from one place to another in an eco-friendly manner to move the world. At Drover Rideshare, this dream becomes a reality! We want to serve as an eco-friendly rideshare in Nashville that offers safe rides.

Drover Vision

Real time moving of people to lower transport cost and fuel usage powered by a Drover using green-technology.

Our Mission

To provide an environmentally safe mode of travel to move the world one drove experience at a time.

What is a 'Drover'?

The environmentally-green chauffeur who drives people from one experience to another.

Drover Motto

"Let's Drove!" - Meaning 'Let's Ride!'


Drover will donate 2% of every single ride fare (24/7) to Tennessee-based charities chosen by the Drover (driver) every month. A list of 20 local and Tennessee based charities will be sent out every month for the driver to choose from. Plus, the 2% will come from Drover's split of every fare -- so all drivers will still get a full 70% split of fares. Consider it like a 70/28/2 split, where drivers get 70%, Drover gets 28%, and charities get 2%. See [Drive for Charity] for more info.

We want our drivers and riders to share a fun, friendly, safe, and environmentally green experience.
— Jeffrey Garland, Founder of Drover Rideshare