Drover Themed Rides

Imagine this -- you open the door of your Drover Ride, ready to be epically moved by Drover Rideshare. You know what to expect at this point: water bottles, green mints, and an incredibly friendly, fun, and safe Drover experience. You are surprised, however, to find that your Drover (driver) is dressed up in a costume. Is it Halloween all year long at Drover? Not quite. Welcome to Drover Themed Rides. 

Just think of how awesome it would be to get a ride from a cowboy, or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or a Disney character?! (Provided that costumes still allow drivers to see the road, of course). We want our riders to have the most fun, friendly, and safe drover experience possible and for you, the best way to experience that might be a Drover Themed Ride. 

Here at Drover, we think that ridesharing is already really fun, but that with some twists, it can be even better. To this end, we will offer a "Themed Ride" option, with which Drovers (drivers) dress up and decorate their cars to a given month, week, or event's theme. There will be a designated hailing option for a themed ride within the Drover App.

For example, we are planning on having September 2016 feature a cowboy/cowgirl theme. Participating drivers will wear hats, boots, country/western wear, etc. October 2016 will feature college and NFL football teams. Participating drivers will wear football jerseys. Of course, the last week in October will be Halloween themed. November 2016 will be football themed on weekends and super hero themed on weekdays! December 2016 will be football themed on weekends until the football season is over, then Christmas themed for the rest of the month (and on weekdays the whole month). 

Drover Themed Rides are just another way for us to express how much we care about you -- our riders and drivers. Why take a Drover instead of a taxi or another rideshare? Drover is different because of our unique attention to making sure our riders and drivers have the absolute best experience possible. In a Drover Themed Ride, you can take a break from your busy day and just relax in your seat, riding next to an enthusiastic person dedicated to making you happy and comfortable with their awesome themed costume. 

Drover Ride Options

Themed Rides will be made available to riders as a designated hailing option within the Drover App. Currently, the Drover App will launch with the following ride options.

  • Drover Quad - four passenger vehicle powered by a traditional gasoline-powered engine. 
  • Drover Crowd - six passenger vehicle powered by a traditional gasoline-powered engine.
  • Drover Themed Ride - 4 or 6 passenger vehicle, either gasoline or electric vehicle, with driver participating in the month's Ride Theme
  • Drover Green - four passenger electric vehicle
  • Drover Green Giant - six passenger electric vehicle

Drover Fares

Mile and time rates are the same for every ride option:

  • $0.30 / minute
  • $1.80 / mile

Base Fares:

  • Drover Quad & Green - $ 4 
  • Drover Crowd & Green Giant - $ 7
  • Drover Themed Ride - $7

Do you have an awesome suggestion for a Drover Themed Ride? Send in your ideas at droverrideshare@gmail.com! If you idea is chosen, we will send you a FREE Drover T-Shirt from the DroverShop, Just keep in mind that Drover Themed Ride ideas have to be appropriate and enjoyable to a wide audience, as we anticipate serving a very diverse community of riders.  We look forward to reviewing your submissions, and you will be notified if we use your Themed Ride ideas! Let's Drove! 


Patrizio Murdocca is Chief Web Developer at Drover Rideshare, a student at Vanderbilt University, and President of Interfaced Ministries (www.interfacedministries.org).