Video Entry: Drover Charity - Live from Guatemala

Video Entry

Drover Charity -- Live from Guatemala

Written Transcript: [Tecpán, Guatemala] Hello world! Patrizio Murdocca, Chief Web Developer at Drover Rideshare here, coming to you live from Tecpán, Guatemala.

This past week, I have had the amazing privilege of staying in Guatemala with a group of friends. We have been working in a service project at a local school. We have been painting [my hands are covered in paint!], teaching English, and just playing with the kids at recess.

This is actually my first time outside of the United States, with the exception of Canada; this trip has been a totally eye opening experience. The people of Guatemala do not have the same privileges that we do in the states... We have experienced improper irrigation/plumbing that can't even handle flushing toilet paper, we've experienced limited hot water, lack of food in rural communities, and poverty on a level that I have never really witnessed in the United States.

It has been an immense privilege to come to a different country -- Guatemala -- and serve the people here.

I have really enjoyed working in this school, connecting with the people of Guatemala, brushing up a little bit on my Spanish, and serving the people.

At Drover, we have a culture of service, and serving the community. As many of you know already, 2% of Drover ride fares benefit local charities. While international aid -- like my friends and I have been doing this week -- is extremely important, there are also many areas in the states that still need support.

To this end, tons of national non-profits have been established within the state of Tennessee, and all over America. We see it as part of our responsibility at Drover to benefit these charities and support the work they are doing near home.

To that end, as I said, 2% of every Drover ride will go towards supporting local charities in the areas in which we operate.

The list of charities we support is currently expanding, three are on the website right now, and I just added the most recent one the other night. We are working in adding more, and we would appreciate your support by using Drover Rides and as a Driver, selecting the charity of your choice for us to benefit.*

Thank you for watching, and have a great rest of the day!

*Drivers can elect for their fares to benefit a particular charity. Drover will publish a list of preapproved charities for drivers to choose from. Drivers can at any time suggest a non-profit for us to partner with.

Drover Charity

Yes, that is correct. Drover ride fares directly benefit local charities -- 24/7, no catch, no exceptions. We want to have our eyes open and our arms outstretched towards the communities that support our operations. Rather than have our Drovers simply move through city streets, we want to actively contribute to the incredible humanitarian efforts already in place in the cities we serve. Everyday, thousands of people serve their community via their positions and volunteering in local and state-based non-profits. Here at Drover, we want to do our part to recognize and help further their efforts through the donation of 2% of each and every fare a Drover ride generates. 

Drover's fare structure gives 80% of ride fares to our Drovers (drivers), which is the standard percentage for driver compensation in the industry right now. Then, out of the remaining 20%, Drover keeps only 18%, and donates 2% of every fare to local and state charities in the areas we operate in. 

Moreover, drivers get to actually choose which charity their fares support via a pre-approved list of amazing non-profits we will circulate among our Drovers each month. So to reiterate, the 2% will come from Drover's 20% split of every fare; all drivers will still get a full 80% split of fares. Consider it like a 80/18/2 split, where drivers get 80%, Drover gets 18%, and charities get 2%.

Once Drover is fully functioning, we will have members of our team dedicated to reaching out to non-profits in the cities and states we operate in. These efforts will allow us to produce a carefully selected list of 20 or so charities which we will circulate among our drivers. Drivers will then be able to select the charity they want their fares to benefit for the month. If a driver wants to support the same charity for multiple months, or support a charity on a past list, that will be completely fine. Moreover, if a driver wants to support a charity that is not on one of our lists, they can submit it to Drover management for evaluation. 

For More Info on Drover Charity, see the dedicated blog post here.


Patrizio Murdocca is Chief Web Developer at Drover Rideshare, a student at Vanderbilt University, and President of Interfaced Ministries