The Official Drover Hall of Fame

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At Drover Rideshare, we recognize the value of hard work, commitment, and dedication. To this end, Jeffrey Garland -- Founder of Drover Rideshare -- asked me to launch a Drover Hall of Fame website in order to honor exceptional Drovers. The Drover Rideshare Hall of Fame recognizes and honors exceptional Drovers (Drivers) who have completed milestone-numbers of rides. We thank all of our Drovers for their continued support and commitment to making Drover the world's most eco-friendly, safe, and fun rideshare!

As Drover's Chief Web Developer, I was then faced with the task of creating a site that maintains the main Drover site's modernism, green motifs, and bold lines while also not overpowering the main focus of the site -- the people who spearhead the incredible Drover community. In order to accomplish this, I decided to make the Hall of Fame site intentionally minimalist. The solid off-white background and thinner headline allow the presence of Drover's branding and green motif to ring through without distracting from those honored on the site. 

The Drover Hall of Fame site design is intentionally minimalist, in order to take no attention away from the amazing Drovers honored and recognized.

The top of the Drover Hall of Fame hall of fame site features a circular video clip of a blurred urban environment, complete with the distinct presence of beautiful trees as well as the human presence as people walk and ride their bikes through the frame. With the Drover Logo superimposed upon the video, the overall effect suggests a porthole or a window into another fluid, ever-changing world.

My intention is for this interplay between the solid-color background, circular video frame, and the Drover logo to evoke the lives, passions, and colorfulness of the lives of the Drover community. Moreover, in the same way that you can only capture a glimpse of this beautiful day in the city, reading the names of those honored in the Hall of Fame provides only a brief look into who they are as individuals. Just as there is a whole world behind that circular window, there is a whole world and life behind those names. If a Drover is honored on the Hall of Fame site, it means they have completed milestone-numbers of rides, which means that hundreds if not thousands of riders have been positively impacted by meeting these incredible Drovers. 

It is truly our honor to recognize these amazing individuals. 

Just as there is a whole world behind that circular window, there is a whole world and life behind those names.

Our first two Drovers (Drivers) are Alison Lovinggood and Drew Michel. Here is some background on these two awesome Drovers.

Alison Lovingood

Alison Lovingood was the first Drover ever! As of the time of this writing, Alison is a senior at Tennessee Technological University; she is a business management major aspiring to use her degree to help others on a daily basis. She enjoys snowboarding, crafting, taking walks with her dog, and spending time with her family and friends. At TTU, she is an alumnus of the Kappa Delta sorority, in which she has held numerous leadership positions and helped lead huge fundraising efforts to raise child abuse awareness in America. 

In her own words, Alison said, " I love spending time with my younger cousin Anna Grace. She was born with only one chamber of her heart so she is a miracle child. I am one of the few people who take care of her! I have nannied for a summer for her."

Drew Michel

Drew Michel is a 20 year-old East Tennessee native. He currently attends Tennessee Technological University, pursuing a degree in computer science. In his spare time, Drew enjoys spending time on the lake during the summers and tearing up the ski slopes in the winter. Drew also loves to soak up the natural beauty offered in Middle and East Tennessee and is currently exploring the breathtaking parks within the Colorado Plateau.

Drew got involved with Drover not only as a driver, but as a programmer also because Drover's mission and vision align with Dew's personal values. The Drover Dream of creating an eco-friendly rideshare company and donating a portion of every ride fare to charity proved to be extremely appealing to Drew. He is tremendously excited to be a part of the Drover team, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds for Drover.  


Patrizio Murdocca is Chief Web Developer at Drover Rideshare, a student at Vanderbilt University, and President of Interfaced Ministries