The Drover Difference

The Drover Difference

During the last few weeks, we have been meeting with all kinds of people to talk about Drover. The main question (and understandably so) that everyone asks us is: "What makes Drover unique?" So today, we are going to talk about the Drover difference -- everything that makes us special, and then some. (Most of this content is a summary or collection of previous blog content, assembled for your convenience.)

1. No Surge

We don't know about you, but we get a little anxious every time we see the little surge-lightning bolt on other rideshare apps! Ridesharing shouldn't feel like that... Drover is about Good Green Fun! No Surge. No Surprises. [See Ride with Drover

2. Drive for Charity

Drover's fare structure gives 80% of ride fares to our Drovers (drivers), which is the standard percentage for driver compensation in the industry right now. Then, out of the remaining 20%, Drover keeps only 18%, and donates 2% of every fare to local and state charities in the areas we operate in. Moreover, drivers get to actually choose which charity their fares support via a pre-approved list of amazing non-profits we will circulate among our Drovers each month. Through this initiative, Drover is actively spearheading the initiative to make the rideshare industry even more people-centric and focused on providing a lifting experience to real people. [See Drover Fares Benefit Local Charities]

3. Safety

For example, take our unmatched Drover (driver) interview process. As a basic measure, every prospective driver will submit to a background test and a driving history report. After this, prospective drivers will meet in-person with a senior Drover in the area for a personal vehicle inspection. Assuming all these reports check out, the prospective Drover will be allowed to start accepting ride requests. At this point, however, Drover goes a step further. In one of the new driver's first rides (completely randomized), the new driver will be unknowingly matched with another senior driver -- kind of like an anonymous food critic in a restaurant. The senior driver will be a respectful and conversational passenger, and get an accurate an unbiased look at the new driver's driving habits, personality, and vehicle quality. We feel this is the best way to promote a safe, fun riding experience to our passengers, as well as our drivers that value their position as drivers at Drover! [See Meet Drover]

Additionally, we require all drivers to wear an official Drover t-shirt in order to create a greater fleet feeling that will hopefully contribute to a greater sense of security for our riders.

We also require all drivers to use a hands-free phone mount while driving for Drover in order to ensure that both hands stay on the wheel at all time. 

4. Themed Rides

Drover Themed Rides are just another way for us to express how much we care about you -- our riders and drivers. Why take a Drover instead of a taxi or another rideshare? Drover is different because of our unique attention to making sure our riders and drivers have the absolute best experience possible. In a Drover Themed Ride, you can take a break from your busy day and just relax in your seat, riding next to an enthusiastic person dedicated to making you happy and comfortable with their awesome themed costume. [See Drover Themed Rides]

5. Electric Ride Options

At Drover, we celebrate environmentally friendly cars with low or zero emissions, such as hybrids and (preferably) electric cars. To this end, we are building a designated space in our ride-hailing platform for riders to request electric vehicles via Drover Green (4 passenger) and Drover Green Giant (6 passenger). [See all ride options on the Ride with Drover Page]. Additionally, we are working on offering discounted lease options to our Drovers (drivers) on top electric vehicles. 

6. The DroverShop and the Connected Car

Here at Drover, we believe that you have to dress for success. Or, in the case of driving for a rideshare company, you need to have all the gear. To help supply our Drovers with all the essentials, we have launched the Drover Shop -- your one-stop shop for everything Drover and general ride sharing essentials.  The Drover Shop supplies rideshare drivers with everything from essential Drover Rideshare gear to specially designed accessories to outfit any vehicle. Drovers can find all required Drover shirts and car safety accessories (like hands-free phone mounts). Additionally, we believe that drivers for other rideshare companies -- and just about anyone -- can find something useful at the Drover Shop.

Unlike other rideshare companies, Drover requires that all drivers wear a Drover t-shirt (short sleeve, long sleeve, polo, hoodie, etc) and also use a dashboard or air vent-mounted phone stand/magnet. We have embraced the uniform policy in order to promote a consistent level of professionalism during all Drover rides. We have made phone mounts mandatory for obvious safety reasons... It is ideal that drivers use their phones hands-free at all times, and especially when completing Drover Rides. The Drover Shop is the one-stop-shop for these Drover essentials. The Drover Shop sells custom Drover Apparel and some awesome dashboard-mounted and air vent-mounted magnetic phone mounts. [See The Official Drover Shop]

7. Entering New Markets

Part of our plan is to enter new markets currently underserved by existing rideshare companies. For example, Cookeville, TN is not currently serviced by existing rideshare options, but it has colleges and tons of businesses. 

8. Sober Drover

The Sober Drover campaign will focus on creating relationships with restaurants and bars that serve alcohol. We hope to have tons of safe ride home cards that bartenders/servers can hand out to riders who need a "safe ride home" - think Sober Drover "a safe ride home" for people (potential riders) who have been drinking and need a "safe ride home". Sober drover encourages responsible drinking and provides a safe ride home.

9. The Team

A team of qualified, young, enthusiastic, passionate individuals working everyday to make Drover amazing. 

!0. First Rideshare Company Based Out of Tennessee and/or the Southeast

11. Drover Hall of Fame

We also place an unprecedented focus on our drivers. At Drover Rideshare, we recognize the value of hard work, commitment, and dedication. To this end, Jeffrey Garland -- Founder of Drover Rideshare -- asked me to launch a Drover Hall of Fame website in order to honor exceptional Drovers. The Drover Rideshare Hall of Fame recognizes and honors exceptional Drovers (Drivers) who have completed milestone-numbers of rides. We thank all of our Drovers for their continued support and commitment to making Drover the world's most eco-friendly, safe, and fun rideshare!


Patrizio Murdocca is Chief Web Developer at Drover Rideshare, a student at Vanderbilt University, and President of Interfaced Ministries