Meet Neel Patel

Loyal Readers,

This blog is a continuation of the Meet the Drover Team series I have been working on in past weeks. Here is Neel Patel's story -- Drover iOS programmer extraordinaire. The following is in his words.


Hey everyone! My name is Neel Patel and I am an iOS Developer at Drover Rideshare. I am from India and moved to United States back in 2009. I lived in New Jersey for about 8 months before moving to Tennessee. I live in Cookeville, Tennessee and went to highschool there. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at Tennessee Technological University. I remember when I got to use a computer for the first time. I loved playing games on the computer and be able to do things quickly that could take longer without the assitance of computers. Ever since then, I honestly spend more time with my computer than anything else.

I was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is located in India. I lived in India for 15 years and have had great memories with family and friends. I was like other kids: I never did my homework, and never listened to any warning teacher gave me :P. I was alway ended up being outside of class since I never showed up on time during my middle school life. I was consistent with my behavior until my parents sent me to boarding school and my behavior changed. I miss every single moment that I had in school with my friends and teachers.

I moved here to the United States with family in 2009. I was 15 when I moved here. It takes almost 22 hours in flight from India to here. I was totally amazed by the difference between here and India. I did my Sophomore year at Saddle Brook High School, which is in New Jersey. It felt like I was in a different world. I love the way students are taught here and the education environment is so great. I struggled with English since I didn’t really care much about it when I was in India. I could barely talk in English I when first came here. My 8 months in New Jersey were great, except the part when I was bullied by one my classmate because I didn’t know English. After 8 months we moved here in Cookeville, TN with my parents.

My parents have always encouraged me and helped me find my way to what was best for me. They have helped make me a better person. I can’t imagine life without them. They have taught me to respect and treat people the way I would want to be respected. They taught me what is right and wrong. They always said, “There is nothing wrong with making mistake. Accepting your own mistake and improve yourself is the best way help you can do to yourself“.

My life took a turn when I came to Cookeville and joined Cookeville high school. As time passed, I started to get improvements with speaking and listen in English. By my Senior year in high school, I was able to communicate in English better than I used to. I graduated from high school on 23rd May, 2012. Then, I joined Tennessee Technological University where I pursued my degree in Bachelors of Computer Science. As I was nearing to graduate from Tech I got an offer to work with amazing startup called Drover Rideshare. I feel fortunate to be part of a great company. I can’t thank Jeff enough for this opportunity that he has given me. He’s such a great person. I look forward to being a part of the company’s growth.