Meet Warren Williams -- Robotics Engineer

Warren Williams has had a phenomenal career as a robotics engineer and now joins Drover as head of our new robotics division. Below is his amazing story so you can get to know him better. 

Warren Works at the CLARCOR Innovation Center facility in Columbia TN where he is building a new generation of work robots to help facilitate the coming robotic revolution which will in due time enslave humanity. -- JUST KIDDING, a little bit of Warren's humor for you there :).

CLARCOR is one of the world's leading filter companies, purifying breathable air, water, and engine fluids in cars, planes, and trains. They primarily filter air and water used in manufacturing processes to mitigate the effects of pollution from these facilities and increase efficiency. Moreover, they deal with energy production processes to facilitate cleaner energy production for a more sustainable future.

At CLARCOR, the primary focus of Warren's robotics group is to be at the forefront of robotic technology in order to cut costs and lower overhead and improve working conditions for the company's labor force. The robotic team uses state-of-the-art technology such as system automation, machine vision, and position sensors to forge a path of innovation throughout the CLARCOR family and work to improve with new and existing concepts to position the company for many more years of growth and prosperity. Warren joined CLARCOR in April 2016 as part of the new robotics initiative launched by the CLARCOR Innovation Center.

Warren has over 20 years of experience in the robotics field, including the Darpa Grand Challenge robot race across the Mojave Desert. He has invented new robotics systems and has been awarded patents for systems he has developed for the Department of Defense. Before his work at CLARCOR, his most recent role was system automation engineer at Alpha Foundry where he has employed complex robotic arms to pour molten aluminum into automated molding machines and to clean the cooling molded parts from sand particulates. Warren's robots are designed to make manufacturing processes cleaner and more efficient while providing solutions to jobs that humans simply can't perform, such as pouring molten metal.

Warren has also developed new types of robotic arms, camera systems, sonar, and simple doppler radar for part dissemination and discrimination. The implication of this tech is that robotic arms can better 'see' the parts they are working with and in turn produce output with higher levels of accuracy, speed, and efficiency. He has also invented a new power management system to allow a cordless robot to run 70% longer between charges. He has been published in Scientific America magazine, Nutz and Voltz magazine, the New York Times, and the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. He has further been seen on various newscasts around the world with articles on his research, and work for the DARPA Challenge. Additionally, Warren holds multiple patents of his own inventions.

Mr. Williams has competed in Battle bots and Robot Wars. He has further been awarded a Black-Belt in Thai Kwan Doe, the Medal of Valor, and a Citizens Service Citation for stopping an armed robbery. He is a Former Recon Marine Special forces and he has also served in the United States Navy -- honorably discharged from both branches of service.

In his own words: "We build the droids you are looking for"!

Warren is super excited to join Drover's team, and we are thrilled to have him. As I explained in my Drover Robotics blog entry, the primary goal of Warren's Drover Robotics will be to create more efficient vehicle technologies and incorporate autonomous vehicle technologies into our service. With that said, we in no way intend to replace human beings in the process of this innovation. Any robotics technology that Warren and his team develop will simply be to make Drover better and more efficient as a service and to make our drivers' lives easier and more enjoyable.